Sunday, March 31, 2013

Protest against Belgrade-Pristina agreement

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Members and supporters of the Kosovo Albanian Self-Determination movement protested on Saturday in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica against a possible agreement between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels.

The protest was held under the slogan Let us unite in Mitrovica and according to the Kosovo police drew around 2,000 Albanians carrying Albanian and American flags and shouting slogans against the Kosovo government and prime minister. Speakers at the protest said the talks between Belgrade and Pristina are detrimental to Kosovo and that three days before the eighth round of talks on April 2, the Kosovo government is responsible for allowing Serbia to be involved in the decision on one part of the territory of the state of Kosovo.

 Self-Determination leader Aljbin Kurti said the rally was not aimed against Serbs, but against Serbia which is using its citizens as tools against the Albanians.He said the movement will organize demonstrations against the Kosovo government for treason if an agreement with Belgrade is reached in Brussels on April 2.

 In Taci's personal trade, it is not Mitrovica that is being united in Brussels, rather it is the Serbs that are coming together to divide Mitrovica, Kurti said, adding that Mitrovica cannot be divided. The protest finished without incidents, while Serbs kept an eye on the situation from across the bridge on the Ibar river. Rosu special police forces were deployed in vehicles on the southern side of the main bridge, and a KFOR helicopter flew over the town for the protest's duration. Photo AP

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