Monday, March 18, 2013

Kostunica:West wants to legalize seizure of Kosovo

BELGRADE - Pogrom against the Serb people organized nine years ago by ethnic Albanian separatists was a violent attempt to create an independent Kosovo, and the West now wants to impose an agreement and reach a goal which was not achieved either with this pogrom or with NATO aggression,
President of the Democratic Party of Serbia Vojislav Kostunica said on Sunday.

  "The historical responsibility not to accept this agreement by which the West wants to accomplish a goal which was not realized either on March 17 or during the aggression in 1999 lies on the authorities," he pointed out. Remembering March 17, Serbia should reject this western plan decisively, wisely and bravely and not be an accomplice in the seizure of Kosovo at any cost, because, if Serbia gives up Kosovo, this would cause terrible consequences for the future of the country, for our national self-esteem and elemental pride of the Serb people, Kostunica said in a statement delivered to the media. 

"We have to finally face the truth that the European Union is not a friend of Serbia's when it comes to Kosovo, and that every country, including Serbia, has to defend its dignity, statehood and its people in Kosovo-Metohija," Kostunica concluded. Photo Tajnug, N. Jovanovic

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