Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kacin: Belgrade, Pristina to reach historic deal

SARAJEVO - European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Western Balkans Jelko Kacin has said he is deeply convinced that Belgrade and Pristina will reach a historic agreement and that the dialogue is not at a standstill.

He told Turkish Anadolu news agency that, despite the impression at the moment, it is possible to do much more than what has been reached so far in the dialogue. Kacin stressed that reaching an agreement in Brussels will not only be Belgrade and Pristina's success but a great breakthrough for the entire region.

 On the other side, it is the strongest message that needs to shake Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, he added. When asked if First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic should take part in the next round of the dialogue, he noted he could not tell whether Vucic should be in Brussels on April 2. I can tell you that last October he announced that a meeting of deputy prime ministers would be held. 

This is not only a dialogue between presidents and prime ministers but also between deputy prime ministers, because this is the highest position in which Kosovo Serbs decide on their future inside European Kosovo as a part of the EU, Kacin concluded. He pointed out that, from Belgrade, only Prime Minister Ivica Dacic attended the talks, while Pristina engaged Prime Minister Hasim Taci and his two deputies, one of whom Kosovo Serb Slobodan Petrovic. A meeting between Petrovic and Vucic would be of great symbolical and historic importance.

 A message that everybody would understand is that Belgrade does not divide Serbs on those who are adequate and less adequate as far as Kosovo is concerned. This is an admission that the Serbs who are part of the Kosovo institutions are a part of the solution, not a problem, the EP rapportuer said. Photo Tanjug, N. Milosevic

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