Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unsuccessful attempt at discrediting government

BELGRADE - Ivica Dacic, leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and Serbian prime minister, stated Saturday that the attempts at discrediting the government and damaging its credibility were unsuccessful. “All that happened lately was an attempt at discrediting the government. These blows were an attempt of damaging its credibility, but they were unsuccessful. 

The government will continue to do its job in the interest of the citizens,” Dacic said at a press conference. In the last few days, the Serbian media released unofficial information that the Serbian prime minister and former head of his office Branko Lazarevic had contacts with Rodoljub Radulovic, a member of the gang of runaway drug lord Darko Saric. Dacic said that he met with Radulovic a few times, but that at the moment he only had police information based on the so-called White Book, in which Radulovic was not labeled as a member of Saric's gang. 

 The police, however, did not perform counterintelligence protection of the interior minister, and did not inform him about criminal activities of certain persons he met with, Dacic said, stressing that he has never committed a crime. The prime minister said that in December 2008 he received from the Criminal Police Directorate a book containing a review of organized crime groups in the territory of Serbia, adding that in it Rodoljub Radulovic, alias Misa Amerika, was not labeled as a member of Saric's gang. “The question arises why I was not warned and who should provide counterintelligence protection of the top state officials and preserve the integrity and authority of the institution of prime minister,” the Serbian prime minister and interior minister said, stressing that the police did not meet its legal obligations to inform him about everything.

 “I guess that someone should have warned me about the criminals with whom no contact should have been made in order not to discredit institutions,” Dacic said. Instead, all this was silently archived in order to be used for pressures and blackmail in the time of formation of the government, political crises, or at the end of the procedure of appointment of the police director, Dacic said. “They thought I would not dare to do what I wanted because they had certain data,” Dacic said. In the end, he concluded that anyone, who has committed a crime, will have to face responsibility, including all who cooperated with drug lords Saric and Luka Bojovic.

 “This remains the government's main objective,” Dacic said. “Maybe those who mastermind organized campaigns want to put a stop to the anti-corruption fight in order to stay out of reach,” Dacic said.

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