Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Serbs stage rally in Kosovska Mitrovica

1/30/2013 3:54:00 PM
KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - A rally is taking place in northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica on Wednesday organized by heads of local self-governments in Serb-dominated north Kosovo-Metohija in order to send a message that Serbs do not accept integration into independent Kosovo.

The rally, which started somewhat after 12 a.m., brought together around 5,000 citizens from four north Kosovo municipalities - Kosovska MItrovica, Leposavic, Zvecan and Zubin Potok. The rally is organized under the slogan “Stop Brussels deceits and frauds”. The citizens are carrying banners reading “Stop Brussels deceits and frauds”, “Respect Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and Resolution 1244”, “Only traitors give up on Kosovo”, 

“We do not want the state of Kosovo”, “We do not want Kosovo institutions”, “We will not give away Serbian courts”. Addressing the citizens, Zubin Potok Municipal President Slavisa Ristic said that Kosovska Mitrovica has been sending public messages for 13 years already that Kosovo is part of Serbia, and Kosovo Serbs its citizens. 

“We will convey this message today as well, but in the name of truth we are also sending a message to our authorities in Belgrade that the Brussels agreements are an ICTY verdict to the Serbian people in Kosovo-Metohija, as integration into an independent Kosovo is being forced on us,” Ristic said. He said that Serbs in Kosovo cannot accept to be the price of getting a date for the beginning of Serbia's EU accession talks. “For us, there is no independent Kosovo. 

We have to stay united and work on not accepting the integration into an independent Kosovo,” Ristic said. Kosovska Mitrovica Municipal President Krstimir Pantic said that willingness, morale, unity and readiness to make sacrifices for the preservation of Kosovo-Metohija have never been greater.

 “We are sending a message to enemies of the Serbian people that we will not surrender and allow them to seize Kosovo. We are not defending only the north, but rather the entire territory of Kosovo-Metohija,” Pantic said, stressing that Serbs in north Kosovo will do all for the survival of their brothers south of the Ibar River, the area where Serbs live in enclaves. Photo Tanjug, Boki

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