Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trajkovic: Kosovo Serbs demand meeting with Dacic

BELGRADE - Serbs living to the south of the Ibar River sent a request to Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic demanding that he meets with them, but they got no response, MP Rada Trajkovic of the United Serbian List in the Kosovo parliament stated. In an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Danas, Trajkovic stated that after the guarantees regarding Jarinje administrative crossing which the Serbian government sent to northern Kosovo Serbs, it would be logical for the top government officials to meet with Serbs living to the south of the Ibar River.

 Quoting the example of Ranilug as a completely Serb municipality in Kosovo Morava region which has the same position as Leposavic and is situated on the administrative crossing between Kosovo and central Serbia, Trajkovic asked why the Serbs living in this area are subject to discrimination unlike those living in Leposavic in northern Kosovo. 

 A partial solution of the status of Kosovo-Metohija is continuity in Belgrade's policy which is why everyone is now suffering the consequences, she said. She denied allegations by Pristina, the international community and some Belgrade circles that Serbs to the south of the Ibar River have been integrated into the Kosovo system. 

 Pristina only wishes an integration or banishment of Serbs and has been continuously investing efforts to this end, Trajkovic said and added that the number of Serbs is dropping daily. If integration is the obstacle to the transport of pregnant women and other patients and a hindrance to freedom of movement and the reason why general Jankovic was renamed into Elez Han, then such integration was seen nowhere else in entire Europe, Trajkovic concluded.

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