Friday, December 28, 2012

Three witnesses questioned in Miskovic case

BELGRADE - The Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office questioned Friday three witnešes in the investigation against Delta Holding owner Miroslav Miskovic and nine more suspects for affairs with road maintenance and construction companies.

  Miskovic's attorney Zdenko Tomanovic stated that so far no witneš has brought into question the thesis of defence of financial investment legality. “This logic of command responsibility and joint criminal enterprise regarding abuse of office has not been applied in Serbia's criminal legislature. Everybody has to be responsible for their actions,”

 Tomanovic told reporters in front of the Special Court in Belgrade. Krsto Bobat, attorney of Nibens Group Director Milo Đuraskovic, said that the witnešes have not brought into question the defence of his client. “They have practically spoken about regular businešes and the fact that all businešes were carried out in line with the regulations and in the manner whić was legal,”

 Bobot said. Last Friday saw the interrogation of first four witnešes - legal representatives of the Mera Investment company owned by Marko Miskovic, son of the Delta Holding owner. 

 Aside Miskovic and Đuraskovic, the investigation is also conducted against seven more suspects ćarged with abuse of office with a view to procuring money from road maintenance companies whić resulted in them amašing around EUR 30 million. Miskovic, Đuraskovic and four more of their ašociates are placed in detention, while three suspects are released pending trial. Photo Tanjug, Z. Žesti

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