Saturday, December 22, 2012

Support for companies employing new workers

KRAGUJEVAC - Minister of Economy Mladjan Dinkic said on Friday the government's goal was to assist the prosperous parts of the economy, which is why it would support all companies employing new people and exporting their products.

Dinkic visited Gomma Line in Kragujevac, central Serbia, and stressed that all Serbian companies could count on a grant of EUR 10,000 per new worker, but also foreign companies if they are doing well, exporting and able to employ more people. Gomma Line is a typical mid-sized company making parts for the automotive industry, he said, adding that its export grew 50 percent in 2011. Gomma Line supplies Fiat, Renault, General Motors and others, Dinkic pointed out. 

"We agreed today, considering excellent export record and great potential, to help this company employ another 50 people, build a new tool shop and modernize some of its machines," Dinkic stated. The company will also get funds from the agency for export stimulation and European Investment Bank, Dinkic noted. Serbia's export will increase by at least 25 percent next year, mostly because of Fiat, which expects an export growth of EUR 1.5 billion, and Naftna Industrija Serbije, with EUR 600-800 million, Dinkic stated. 

 These two companies alone will sxecure an export growth of over EUR 2 billion, and the numbers could go even higher if the crop season goes well and Zelezara Smederevo starts work. The plan is to first start production, so export would increase, and then translate that into better living standard for the people, but the economy first has to be revived, he said, adding that he expected it to happen next year. Gomma Line makes rubber parts for motor vehicles and exports them to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, France and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. It is one of the rare Serbian companies making parts for Fiat 500L.

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