Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rightists seek termination of talks with Pristina

BELGRADE - Supporters of several right-wing organizations organized a protest march dubbed "Never a border - Kosovo is Serbia" in Belgrade late Monday, with a message that the Serbian authorities should terminate talks with Pristina and give up on European integration.

The protest was staged on the occasion of the beginning of implementation of the integrated management of crossing points at Jarinje and Merdare in northern Kosovo. The protesters started their march in front of the Cathedral Church, passed the Presidency building, the Government building and the Constitutional Court's building, and the walk ended in front of The Cathedral of Saint Sava, where they lit candles for the Serb victims in Kosovo-Metohija. 

 The protest march was organized by the Dveri Movement, Obraz, Nasi, 1389, Diaspora assembly council, Movement for Serbia, Free Serbia, Serbian National Defense, Zekim, Government of Serbian Krajina in exile, National Movement and New Standard.

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