Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kosovo Serbs request meeting with Nikolic, Dacic

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - The heads of local administrations in northern Kosovo on Tuesday night requested a meeting at which Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister Ivica Dacic would explain what had been agreed in the latest talks with Pristina in Brussels regarding integrated management of administrative crossings. 

 They claim the statements that head of Belgrade's team Dejan Pavicevic has made in the media "are not in line with the instructions he got from the president and prime minister after a meeting with the mayors from northern Kosovo on November 28 in Belgrade."

 "Local representatives and municipal leaders of the four northern municipalities will remain at Jarinje, at the new location chosen for the administrative crossing until you inform us about the latest agreed solutions," reads an open letter to the president and prime minister. They expect the president and prime minister to choose "the way and the place the representatives and municipal leaders will be informed about the results of the latest talks in Brussels," regarding the implementation of the integrated crossing management at Jarinje and Brnjak. 

 After another round of dialogue between the working groups of Belgrade and Pristina on Monday, Pavicevic said an agreement was reached regarding the implementation of the integrated crossing management. "It has been agreed that customs duties will not be collected at the crossings, but rather at customs terminals that will be located deeper in the territory," Pavicevic told reporters. He explained customs duties for goods coming from Kosovo would be collected at terminals in Nis and Vranje, and for goods entering Kosovo at terminals in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. Pavicevic added that the customs officers of EULEX, Serbia and Kosovo at the administrative crossings would only control the papers, but will not collect customs duties. 

"The customs officers of EULEX will carry out customs procedures together with customs officers of Serbia and Kosovo, which we could call the executive role of EULEX," Pavicevic said. He said there would be no state symbols at the crossings, which means that the symbols of the Republic of Kosovo will be removed from the Merdare crossing. Photo Tanjug, B. Slavkovic

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