Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ashton: Dialogue to be continued in January

BRUSSELS – EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said on Monday evening that the talks between the Serbian and Kosovo prime ministers, Ivica Dacic and Hasim Taci respectively, would be continued in January, adding that further progress in dialogue is expected.

  However, at a press conference after the first meeting of EU foreign ministers, Ashton did not comment on the issue related to granting Serbia a start date for the EU entry talks, over which ministers were divided on Monday ahead of the final decision. The implementation of the agreement on integrated management of two crossings in Kosovo in rather difficult conditions assures us that significant progress could be achieved at the next meeting, Ashton said.

 She informed foreign ministers of the EU member states about the political progress that had been made during the previous three meetings between Dacic and Taci which she facilitated in Brussels this autumn. She underscored that the agreement had demonstrated a clear commitment of both sides in the dialogue. That made it possible for this agreement to be implemented in such difficult conditions… The agreement shows what the possibilities are, we have a lot of work and major challenges ahead of us, but now I more convinced that it is possible. 

We expect to see further progress in January when we meet again, Ashton noted. The EU high representative welcomed EULEX's commitment to assist both sides in the dialogue and voiced hope that the dialogue would benefit all citizens of Kosovo.

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