Saturday, December 1, 2012

31 bodies exhumed at Sibenik cemetery

BELGRADE - Remains of 31 persons were exhumed at the city cemetery in Sibenik, Croatia, on Friday, and samples were taken for DNA analysis, the Serbian government's Commission on Missing Persons has said.

The exhumation, which was carried out by competent bodies of the Republic of Croatia, lasted for three days. It was determined that 13 persons, who lost their lives in the same circumstances, were exhumed at the location earlier on individual requests of families. 

 The exhumation at the Sibenik cemetery is a continuation of the process of investigation of graves in north Dalmatia, where the victims of Croatian Operation Storm were buried. 

 The process was launched in 2001 at the city cemetery in Knin, where 301 bodies have been exhumed so far, and 250 identified and handed over to the families that have been searching for their beloved ones for years. The exhumation was attended by President of Commission on Missing Persons Veljko Odalovic and Serbian Ambassador in Zagreb Stanimir Vukcevic.

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