Thursday, November 8, 2012

Platform for Kosovo to be made public before talks

BELGRADE - Serbian president's foreign policy advisor Marko Djuric stated on Wednesday that the entire public will get a chance to state its mind on the platform for Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) and that the principles on which it rests would be made public before essential talks with Pristina are launched. In an interview for Television B92, 

Djuric said that Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic also has the general authority for implementation of the government policy, which means that criticism of some opposition parties are not founded as to his lack of authority and mandate for this by the parliament.

 “The talks are still in the initial stage and before they enter the stage of essential talks, the public will get a chance to state their opinion on the talks. We want everyone to be involved and we want all the principles to be known before the stage of essential talks begins,” the advisor said and added that Belgrade will not enter the dialogue with Pristina unprepared.

 Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will inform the caucus whips with the principles on which the platform on KiM would rest, even before the talks enter the stage of essential talks, he said. He noted that the president will conduct intensive activities in terms of foreign policy and that he would invite caucus whips to a meeting after the international obligations are performed. 

 Djuric said that the talks between Dacic and Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci are in the initial stage and constitute the 'beginning of the beginning' and they will enter the stage of the essential talks in the coming weeks and months. During the previous meeting, officials discussed the potential topics of the talks, and this meeting will cover the issue too, together with the agreements reached earlier, such as the integrated border management, Djuric said. 

 The framework of the talks were defined in the decisions of the previous government, Djuric said and added that Serbia has taken on the obligation to carry out all the agreements reached so far. Djuric added that the Serbian diplomats will visit all important capitals because Serbia wants to resolve the issue in the most comprehensive way possible. 

 When asked why the platform on Kosovo is still a secret, Djuric said that the platform and the principles for future talks would be available to the widest public and that details will not be revealed just as the Pristina side is not revealing the details of its platform.

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