Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dacic: Serbia's interest to continue dialogue

BELGRADE - Shortly beforeThursday's acquittal of former commander of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army Ramus Haradinaj before the ICTY, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic stated that, notwithstanding the final decision, it is in Serbia's interest to continue the dialogue with Pristina for the sake of its EU path.

Asked what Serbia will do if Haradinaj is acquitted and becomes the prime minister of Kosovo, Dacic told the press at the Serbian government building that he cannot chose his interlocutors in the dialogue, but that it is in Serbia's interest to continue the talks for the sake of the EU integration. 

 The prime minister stated that Serbia's representatives do not decide on who will they talk to in the process, and added that current Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci was part of a delegation for talks in Rambouillet in 1999. "It is important for us to resolve these issues because of our people, not because of Taci. It is in our interest to find a solution to this issue, because we are being pressured," Dacic said. He added that Serbia once sentenced former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and everyone who took part in the bombardment of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, but that the verdicts were quashed after 2000.

 "They should have been arrested the first time they came to Belgrade, but they were not. Instead, the decision of the Supreme Court was quashed. When you make peace you have to make it with your opponents, and not only with like-minded," the prime minister noted. "Obviously everything related to (Croatian General Ante) Gotovina (who was acquitted by the ICTY), the Albanian Flag Day and the story about Albanian unification is a heavy load. We might refuse to take part in the next round of the dialogue, but then we would wait until 2014 to start the EU accession talks. Let us see then what our bigger interest is," Dacic stressed, adding that he is a practical man.

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