Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chepurin:Friendship adorns Serbia-Russia relations

BELGRADE – New Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin stated late Wednesday that the relations between Serbia and Russia are adorned by friendship and readiness to further strengthen the cooperation. Our relations are adorned by partnership. 

Everything that is good for Serbia is good for Russia as well, Chepurin told journalists at a reception organized at the Russian Embassy to mark the Unity Day. He added that at this moment there is understanding at the political level between the two countries, but also readiness to develop and strengthen the economic and cultural cooperation. 

 The reception was also attended by Director of the Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija Aleksandar Vulin, who told the press that he expects the new Russian ambassador to be a true friend of Serbia, just like his predecessor Alexander Konuzin.

 "I expect Chepurin to continue to advocate a policy of Russia as the most stable and reliable ally to Serbia, an ally who has never asked for anything, but has given so much," Vulin said. The Unity Day was established in Russia to commemorate November 4, 1612, when Moscow was liberated from Polish occupation forces, and it was reinstituted by the Russian Federation in 2005.

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