Friday, June 1, 2012

Pristina seizes Serbian plates, Belgrade protests

PRISTINA, BELGRADE - Pristina's authorities announced that they will start seizing vehicles without RKS or KS license plates issued by the Kosovo authorities, and head of the Belgrade team in dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said that this act of Pristina is unilateral and against the agreements made in Brussels.

Only vehicles with RKS or KS license plates can participate in traffic. The vehicles with both old and new Serbian license plates will be confiscated and their owners will be taken to the misdemeanor court, Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Redzepi said.

Kosovo Deputy Minister of Interior Sasa Rasic told Tanjug earlier that the decision on license plates is a result of certain talks on freedom of movement held in Brussels.

The original deadline for re-registration was December 31, but it was extended several times. After June 1, the police will penalize all drivers using old license plates, Rasic said.

Borislav Stefanovic, the head of the Belgrade negotiating team, stated earlier that Belgrade is in constant contact with the international community, in an attempt to prevent Pristina from abusing the Brussels agreement.

Nothing like this was agreed in Brussels, "neither publicly nor secretly," and this is a purely unilateral act of Pristina's, which should absolutely be condemned, he said in a statement for Tanjug.

Bljerij Camaj, the director of the Department of Registration and Civil Status with the Kosovo Interior Ministry, said that a great number of Serbs in Kosovo already has KS or RKS license plates.

A total of 5,362 vehicles with KS or RKS license plates have been registered so far, 4,003 of which with RKS and 1,359 with KS plates. Including members of other minorities, 7,570 vehicles with RKS of KS plates have been registered, Camaj said.

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