Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ivanovic: KFOR tried to use institutional vacuum

BELGRADE - State Secretary at the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija (KiM) Oliver Ivanovic said Saturday that the roadblock removal operation the day before was an attempt by KFOR to take advantage of the institutional vacuum on the eve of forming a new government in Serbia.

Ivanovic stressed that the roadblocks issue cannot be addressed by use of force, but only through political means.

Noting that the only motive the Serbs had for setting up the roadblocks was fear, Ivanovic said that the fear could be removed only through solid assurances that that the international forces would not allow any sudden intrusions in the north or endangering of the Serbian population.

Asked by journalists for an opinion about further developments in northern Kosovo, Ivanovic said that the situation would now calm down as the KFOR troops that had removed the roadblocks in the village of Rudare, Zvecan municipality, had been replaced during the night between Friday and Saturday.

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