Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dacic: Serbia lacks majority to form government

BANJA LUKA - Socialist Party of Serbia leader Ivica Dacic said in Banja Luka Saturday that Serbia does not have a parliamentary majority to form the government at present.

He agreed that the government should be set up as soon as possible, but said the priorities about which the government should reach a consensus should be known beforehand.

Dacic met with Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik, and is scheduled to attend the celebration of Day of the Socialist Party of Republika Srpska later during the day.

Dodik expressed solidarity with the Serbs in Kosovo and dissatisfaction about the manner in which international forces were acting against the Serbs, trying to reduce their autonomous rights.

Dacic: Serbia needs clear policy on all issues

BANJA LUKA – Socialist Party of Serbia leader Ivica Dacic said in Banja Luka Saturday that Serbia should have a clear standpoints on all issues, including on Kosovo and Metohija and on Republika Srpska (RS).

After a meeting he had with RS President Milorad Dodik, Dacic told reporters that he found it important that Serbia should be clear about its positions and firmly defend them, given that there was a determination to make such decisions in the first place.

“When it comes to Kosovo and Metohija, I believe that we lack all of that, as we no not have a clear policy on what it is that we are defending nor do we firmly defend it, nor do we have the courage to make decisions and while waiting, the situation is getting worse,” said Dacic, answering a reporter's question about the policy of the Serbian government towards Kosovo.

Since anyone can attack the Serbs in Kosovo with impunity, it is clear that Serbia has no state policy whatsoever, he said.

Seeing that the international community and Pristina authorities pull unilateral moves against the Serbs, Serbia should resort to reciprocal measures, said Dacic.

“Seeing Pristina seizing Serbian license plates, Serbia should raise the issue as one of walking away from the agreement (reached) in Brussels."

With a reminder that he is advocating for a partition of Kosovo and Metohija, Dacic made a point to explain that it was not Serbia's state policy, as Serbia did not agree with that.

Dacic reiterated that he advocated for the urgent resolution of the problem of Kosovo and Metohija, because it was a “devastating open sore in this part of the Balkans.”

“A just resolution of this issue could put an end to centuries of conflict,” said Dacic.

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