Friday, June 1, 2012

Bogdanovic: KFOR should refrain from violence

BELGRADE - Serbia's Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic called on KFOR on Friday to refrain from using force and adhere strictly to its mandate and on the Serbs to stay calm and ignore provocations.

Commenting on an incident near Rudare, northern Kosovo, where there was gunfire and four people were injured, Bogdanovic appealed to all sides to refrain from violence. "It is very important to reduce tension as soon as possible, normalize the situation and solve all problems through dialogue, and not force," he told Tanjug.

Right now, everyone has to understand that the situation is very volatile, Bogdanovic stressed. "That is why I call on KFOR, but also on the Serbs in the north, to keep in mind that fact and for each side to show maximum restraint when it comes to taking risky actions. Any escalation of conflict can lead us into a spiral of violence with unimaginable consequences," Bogdanovic pointed out.

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