Monday, May 28, 2012

Tadic would have no legitimacy as prime minister

BELGRADE - Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) official Marko Djuric said on Sunday Democratic Party leader Boris Tadic would have no legitimacy as prime minister and that only a prime minister from the SNS would reflect the people's desire for changes.

"Tadic lost the election, because the people felt he had not done a good job. How can a man the people judged bad at his job be a prime minister now," Djuric stated at a news conference.

Commenting on SNS's possible partners in forming the government, Djuric said the SNS could only negotiate with those willing to acknowledge its key role in the government.

"Serbia needs a government of change, new energy, and people who will be capable of tackling the economic and social issues," he pointed out.

Serbia's president elect Tomislav Nikolic, former leader of the SNS, wants the best possible relations with the countries of the region and has already had some informal talks with the heads of those countries, who welcomed his election, Djuric stated.

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