Monday, May 28, 2012

Tadic ready to be prime minister

BELGRADE - Boris Tadic, president of the Democratic Party (DS), stated on Sunday evening that he is ready to assume the office of prime minister if the goals and manner in which the future government will operate are adopted, and announced that he will first confer with the Socialist Party of Serbia - Party of United Pensioners of Serbia - United Serbia (SPS-PUPS-JS) coalition on the parliamentary majority.

“Provided the goals, ways of work and plan, which we are to present before our coalitional partners, are accepted, I am ready to assume the office of prime minister,” Tadic said, adding that poverty and unemployment are the biggest problems that Serbia is facing today.

The government has to focus on the resolution of these problems, continue fight against organized crime, and intensify fight against corruption. “In the manner, we will reform the society and approach a higher level of the European integrations. For us, the EU membership is an instrument for the improvement of the living conditions,” Tadic added.

The DS leader told reporters after a party meeting, which lasted for three and a half hours, that he believes that he will reach an agreement on the parliamentary majority and formation of the government with the SPS-PUPS-JS coalition. According to Tadic, the DS will discuss with representatives of the SPS-PUPS-JS coalition who might be the third partner in the future government.

When asked whether he expects that Tomislav Nikolic will support his bid for the prime minister's post, Tadic underlined that the Serbian Constitution stipulates that the party whose representatives convince the president that they have secured a majority in the parliament should be granted the mandate to form a government.

The DS leader underlined that the coalition with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has always been out of question. “Although Nikolic resigned as the SNS leader, there is no doubt that, in ideological terms, he belongs to that concept, and not to the one of the DS,“ Tadic said.

Asked why he accepted to be a candidate for the prime minister's post, after he delivered a statement in the election night (May 20) that he would certainly not be a candidate for the office, Tadic answered that at the time he said what “he thought and felt.“ “I had no back-up plan at that moment, as I was focused on the presidential election,“ Tadic said.
The DS leader added that in the last week, many citizens, coalition partners and party members reminded him that the Democrats had said all along they would never give up, but would keep fighting until the end to reach strategic goals.

Tadic said he could not trample over the values he had been devoted to all these years and that after talks with coalition partners, the DS Presidency and citizens, he had decided to accept the nomination for prime minister. In addition to Tadic, the DS Presidency meeting was attended by Dragan Djilas, Marko Djurisic, Oliver Dulic, Dragan Sutanovac, Ruzica Djindjic, Jelena Trivan, Dusan Petrovic, Dragoljub Micunovic, Goran Bogdanovic and Bozidar Djelic.

Also present were Nada Kolundzija, Gordana Comic, Bosko Ristic, Igor Pavlicic, Zoran Alimpic, Aleksandar Sapic and Borislav Stefanovic, as well as officials of parties in a coalition with the DS - Rasim Ljajic, leader of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia (SDPS), League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) leader Nenad Canak and official Bojan Kostres, and Oligica Batic of the Christian Democratic Party of Serbia (DHSS).

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