Thursday, May 31, 2012

Serbian parliament convened

BELGRADE - The Serbian parliament was convened Thursday with the verification of the mandates of all 250 MPs chosen in the May 6 election.

I want to warn you that the parliament shall be in charge of finding a solution for better administration in Serbia in the next four years through an agreement of all MPs, chairman of the constitutional session of the new Serbian parliament Zaharije Trnavcevic told MPs on Thursday.

Trnavcevic, 86, who holds the position as the chairman as the eldest MP until the appointment of the new parliament leadership, expressed congratulations to the sworn in MPs and reminded them that they were elected on May 6 and won citizens' trust when it comes to the work on public affair administration, the relations between the government and citizens and finding a solution to the most important issues connected to Serbia's fate.

He called on MPs to act together in unity, free of party interests.

He believes that the level of cooperation in the parliament should be raised, as well as that between the highest judicial body and the Serbian government which should present a clear plan for finding better solutions to problems in the coming time.

The Serbian parliament was convened Thursday with the verification of the mandates of all 250 MPs chosen in the May 6 election.

After the mandate confirmation, the MPs took the following oath:
"I vow to perform my duty as a member of parliament in a dedicated, honest and conscientious manner and, in accordance with the Constitution, defend human and minority rights and civil liberties, and serve the Serbian people, truth and justice the best way I know how."

After the oath, Trnavcevic ended the session, but did not say when it will be continued so that MPs could elect new speaker and deputy speakers of the Serbian parliament.

Trnavcevic reminded MPs that a second session was scheduled for 2 pm, when Serbia's president-elect would take the oath of office.

With the verification of mandates, the MPs officially started their four-year terms.

This also started the clock on the 90-day deadline in which the parliament must approve a government.

If it fails to do this by September 5, the parliament will be dissolved and a new elections will take place.

At the beginning of the inaugural session, a three-member verification commission was chosen, made up of Gojko Radic from the coalition "Let's Get Serbia Moving," Nenad Konstantinovic from the coalition "Choice for a Better Life," and Milisav Petronijevic from the coalition of the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia and United Serbia. The commission verified the mandates of all 250 MPs.

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