Monday, April 16, 2012

War crime suspect placed in 48-hour detention

BELGRADE - Former member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Mark Kasneti who was arrested by the Serbian police on Saturday on suspicion that he committed war crime, was placed in a 48-hour detention after interrogation.

Kasnjeti vas arrested on Merdare crossing, on the administrative line with Kosovo-Metohija, and was charged with war crime against Serb civilians in 1999 in Prizren.

The War Crimes Prosecutor's Office decided to launch the investigation against Kasneti as well.

Kasneti's interrogation will continue on Monday morning when the decision on detention would be made by the judge in charge of the previous proceedings before the Belgrade District Court War Crimes Department, Tanjug learnt in the War Crimes Prosecutor's Office.

Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told Tanjug that the case against Kasneti was launched on grounds of a photo obtained from the damaged party and thus established his potential responsibility.

Vekaric said and underscored and pointed out that the damaged party is available to the Prosecutor's Office which bears major importance for conducting the trial.

The photo presents Kasneti and three other KLA members abusing two civilians whose hands are tied at the back by wire.

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