Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sutanovac backs KFOR presence increase

VALJEVO - Serbian Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac backed Thursday the announced increase in the number of KFOR troops in Kosovo-Metohija.
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 Sutanovac said that this activity has been thought through, and expressed expectation that KFOR will have enough capacity to prevent any kind of incident.

 He recalled that since the moment when he assumed the office of the defence minister, he insisted in all talks with the NATO and KFOR representatives for the security situation to be carefully analyzed, stressing that KFOR should not cut down the number of its members in Kosovo-Metohija.

“We have reached a stage when the KFOR analysis of the security situation in Kosovo-Metohija determined that the mission should step up its presence,” Sutanovac said. NATO has requested urgent increase in the number of the troops in Kosovo-Metohija due to the coming elections in Serbia.

 A German-Austrian reserve battalion of about 550 German soldiers and 150 Austrian troops will start to deploy in Kosovo soon.

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