Thursday, April 26, 2012

Koha Ditore: Independence withouth north

PRISTINA - Both Kosovo and international institutions aspire to make Kosovo a completely independent state during September this year,but without solution for nothern Kosovska Mitrovica and other three north Kosovo municipalities populated mainly by Serbs, the Pristina-based daily Koha Ditore said.
  None of 22 constitutional amendments and 21 laws which are to ensure the transfer of competencies from the international to Kosovo authorities define the north as the zone in which for four years now, even the Ahtisaari Plan is not being implemented. According to the daily, the part remains excluded from the final monitoring stage of Kosovo's independence. 
The issue of Kosovska Mitrovica will be addressed separately, reads a document which Koha Ditore has seen. According to the proposal (the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement), Kosovska Mitrovica should be divided into two municipalities administered by a common 'board' which should include one representative of the international community, the daily notes. 
 However, now that the term of the International Civilian Office in Kosovo is nearing the end, and that it is obvious that the plan has not taken a hold in northern Kosovo,
 a decision has been reached to give up on the municipalities, but not on the 21 laws which will regulate many domains, Koha Ditore adds.

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