Monday, April 16, 2012

Fuele to remind Belgrade and Pristina of agreement

BRATISLAVA - European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele stated that normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina relations remains the political condition for continuation of Serbia's EU integration.

In an interview for Radio Free Europe, Fuele said that he would remind both sides of the agreements reached within the dialogue instead of both sides interpreting the documents in their own way.

He underscored that the implementation of the agreement on integrated border management and regional presentation is not an easy process and can last a month, or it could take up to four years.

When asked whether the decision to grant Serbia the EU candidate status was politically motivated like the adoption of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement ahead of the 2008 elections, in order to reinforce the position of (leader of the
Democratic Party) Boris Tadic because Brussels expressed scepticism regarding the change in rhetoric by (leader of the Serbian Progressive Party) Tomislav Nikolic, Fuele pointed out that the EU is in no way engaged in the political engineering in Serbia, and added that the decision was adopted on grounds of the progress achieved in the dialogue.

The EU wishes politicians who would follow the pro-European course to win in the elections in Serbia so that the reforms on Serbia's EU path could intensify, Fuele stated on the margins of the conference on global security in Bratislava.

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