Friday, April 6, 2012

EULEX wants house arrest for Ljimaj

PRISTINA - EULEX spokesperson Barda Azari has confirmed that a EULEX prosecutor filed a request on Tuesday for Fatmir Ljimaj, accused of crimes in the village of Klecka during the war in Kosovo, to be put in house arrest, the Zeri daily from Pristina reported on Thursday.

The three others who were indicted together with Ljimaj were put in custody, the daily stated.

According to Azari, the defence team must send a response by Thursday so the judge could make a decision.

Ljimaj, who is accused of war crimes in Klecka during the conflict in Kosovo together with Nedzmi Krasnici, Naser Krasnici and Naser Salja, could be arrested in the next few days if a EULEX judge grants the prosecutor's request for house arrest.

A mixed team of judges of the Pristina District Court decided in late March that the main trial for the Klecka case should be held again, EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic told Tanjug at the time.

Four indictees will appear in the retrial, including Ljimaj.

The judges believe there is enough evidence related to the chain of command incriminating the four, Gudeljevic explained.

Spokesperson of the Serbian war crimes prosecutor Bruno Vekaric said the Serbian prosecutor's office had solid evidence against Ljimaj and other former KLA members accused of war crimes at the Klecka camp, near Orahovac, in 1999.

Ljimaj and his fellow soldiers are accused of war crimes against ethnic Albanian and Serb civilians at the KLA base in Klecka, Malisevo municipality.

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