Sunday, April 22, 2012

Croatia open for many Serbian investments

ZAGREB – The Serbian investors in Croatia could invest in all industrial branches that are internationally competitive and export oriented such as ship building, electric energy, metallurgy, commerce and tourism, said President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Nadan Vidosevic.
In a statement for Tanjug, Vidosevic stressed that there had been a prejudice as to the difficult entry of Serbian investments into Croatia, which does not correspond to reality. Croatia has certain problems in relation to the inefficiency of the administration typical of many countries in transition, so many world companies gave up on investing into our country, he said. According to Vidosevic, Croatia is open for Serbian investments since the two economies are compatible and competitive, and could act in concert to realize important regional projects. “It would be ideal if we had managed to further strengthen successful trading chains which are in the hands of national capital and integrate part of the national production into them,” Vidosevic said.

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