Friday, April 6, 2012

Cooper condemns attack on Serbian delegation

BRUSSELS - EU facilitator for the talks between Belgrade and Pristina Robert Cooper condemned on Thursday the attack on a Serbian delegation convoy in Pristina, describing it as an act not in the spirit of dialogue.

The EU condemns the attack on the Serbian delegation convoy in Pristina that occurred on Wednesday, Cooper said in a statement delivered to Tanjug. Such an act is not in the spirit of dialogue, he pointed out, adding that the delegation was part of the work group for the implementation of the agreements reached in the EU facilitated talks.

The EU will continue to act as a mediator in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, he remarked, adding that the two sides were set to meet on Thursday to discuss further implementation of the agreements.

It should be clear that the talks are not just about making agreements, but, even more importantly, about their imlpementation and true benefit to the people on both sides, Cooper stated. This implementation is also key to each side's progress towards the EU, he noted.

Two vehicles with members of a Serbian government delegation were stoned in Pristina on Wednesday. The delegation was in Kosovo to work on the implementation of the agreements reached in the talks between Belgrade and Pristina. One member of the delegation was injured lightly in the incident.

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