Thursday, March 1, 2012

There are new details about death of Trajkovski

SKOPJE - Macedonian police have new information in relation to aviation accident in which President Boris Trajkovski was killed eight years ago near Mostar, Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska said Thursday.

She called on the public to be patient. It is an eight-year old case and therefore several days or weeks are not decisive in finding out the truth, the minister said.

It is very important to have patience and leave enough time for the prosecutor to make an analysis of what has been handed over to him and to decide whether there is room for a fresh investigation, Jankuloska told reporters.

On Wednesday, Public Prosecutor Ljupco Svrgovski said that the prosecutor's decision on the plane accident that killed president Trajkovski could be changed if additional evidence is presented in a new report.

Prosecutor's initial decision was that his plane crashed due to pilot error.

The Macedonian government decided late Tuesday to request a new probe on the plane crash, in which President Boris Trajkovski, his entourage and the crew were killed.

The government requests a report including all new facts and evidence, to be submitted to the Public Prosecutor's Office for further processing.

The decision was passed upon review of the report on the plane crash of 26 February 2004 in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, prepared by the commission for the crash investigation, the government said in a press release.

The government also concluded that the report should be submitted to the BiH Civil Aviation Directorate, including a request for reopening of the investigation.

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