Saturday, October 1, 2011

We shall lose both EU and Kosovo north

The EU and the USA rejected request by Belgrade that Kosovo policemen and customs officers are removed from Jarinje checkpoint. Belgrade was given an ultimatum to give up that request and was blamed for interruption of negotiations over Kosovo.

Representatives of authorities in Belgrade say for ‘Blic’ that the situation in which Serbs in the north of Kosovo are is unacceptable and that they cannot accept conditions of dialog in favor of Albanian side despite the fact that further European perspective of Serbia is at stake.

Belgrade is also blamed for the situation in the field in which, what a paradox, Serbs are the victims. The EU and the NATO have blamed Serbs for the incidents at Jarinje. People that ‘Blic’ talked to agree that without Brussels Serbia cannot do anything for the Serbs in the north of Kosovo. The stake is lives of the Serbs north of the Ibar River.

‘The first step is to find out what really happened at Jarinje on Tuesday. We insist on investigation. Although the EULEX and the KFOR took the side of Pristina we still want to have partners in them and the EU, too. We know that the only outcome is the dialog but the dialog cannot start from a position in which Kosovo Albanians have advantage’, Goran Bogdanovic, Minister for Kosovo/Metohija says for ‘Blic’.

Tadic called Rasmussen

Serbian leadership was yesterday stunned at unfavorable development of events both in the north of Kosovo and in Brussels where negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina were interrupted. President Tadic contacted the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen requesting investigation especially whether the KFOR had used real ammunition against citizens.

Belgrade’s chief negotiator Borko Stefanovic returned from Brussels saying that ‘it would be nonsense to talk with Pristina in the shadow of armed force used by the KFOR against people who were not armed’.

Robert Cooper and Philip Ricker, representatives of the EU and USA refused to talk with Stefanovic about checkpoints and Cooper pointed out that ‘the dialog shall not be continued since Serbian delegation is not ready to continue talks’. He also said that he would come to Belgrade and Pristina soon in order to organize new round of talks.

Moves by the desperate

‘Serbia now has very small space to do anything for Kosovo north. Interruption of the dialog is a move by the desperate by which Belgrade is trying to draw attention of the international community to position of Serbs in the Kosovo north and our interests. However, it is important to understand that the West is deciding about Kosovo’, Ognjen Pribicevic, expert for international relations and former Serbian ambassador in Berlin says. He points out that by giving up negotiations Belgrade is risking European perspective of Serbia.

Predrag Simic, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences points out that at the moment it is important to launch huge diplomatic action for investigation as to what happened at Jarinje and what the KFOR responsibility is.

‘It is obvious that everything was done that the negotiations are interrupted and that Belgrade is proclaimed responsible. The authorities in Serbia must insist that Kosovo policemen and officers are removed from checkpoints because they were posted there by force although Serbs do not accept them. If Belgrade cannot do it then it should give up everything and tell Serbs to go home and not risk their lives at barricades’. Simic says for ‘Blic’.

The role of Pristina
Kosovo authorities are taking advantage of increasingly bad position of Serbia within international community presenting themselves as real protectors of order. Thus Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci yesterday condemned attacks on the KFOR and EULEX and called on all citizens in Kosovo north to return to peace, stability, cooperation and integration in the institutional life.

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