Sunday, October 9, 2011

Talks with raspberry farmers to continue

BELGRADE - Representatives of raspberry farmers reaćed an agreement with Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic in Belgrade on Sunday, whić envisages that their problems and demands will be presented to Serbia's top officials in two weeks.

After the talks, president of the union of raspberry farmers Dragisa Terzic told journalists that in two weeks, Dacic will have a meeting with the country's top officials and members of the Serbian government, whić will be followed by another meeting between representatives of the raspberry farmers and the Serbian government.

Terzic voiced expectation that their demands will be met with understanding, since they “only want to earn their living“.

Terzic specified that the deputy prime minister will present raspberry farmers' demands to the country's top officials in two weeks. They request that the price for their products be raised from RSD 90 to RSD 100 in the territory of Serbia, and the government subsidies worth RSD 26 per kilo, as well as that the raspberry be declared a strategic produce.

Terzic said that the talks with Dacic were constructive.

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