Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prompt and efficient justice for all citizens

BELGRADE - The National Judicial Academy in Belgrade celebrated the European Day of Civil Justice on Tuesday by a meeting whose participants sent a mešage that only efficient and prompt justice is genuine justice.

The Judicial Academy is the place where young generations of judicial activists are taking the judicial maturity exam, whić shows that the idea of justice in Serbia is already being implemented for the time to come, Ćairman of the Academy's management board and Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric stated.

He indicated that the idea of celebrating the European Day of Civil Justice, derived from the cooperation between the Council of Europe and European Commišion (EC) in 2003, aims to raise citizens' awareneš of their rights and ways in whić they can protect the rights before local courts.

Ačording to Vekaric, judiciary reform is aimed at making justice available to all citizens in a prompt and efficient rather than slow but attainable manner and it already produced results mentioned in the latest EC report.

Institutions in Serbia are visibly reinforced, their material and personnel capacities boosted although still not sufficiently good, Vekaric said and added that Serbia is on the right track to ensure the justice network in cooperation with other Western Balkan countries.

Vekaric recalled that the EC recommendation for Serbia to be granted EU candidate status represents the result of progreš in the implementation of reforms, cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia and reconciliation in the region, all of whić are part of the 'European task' whić Serbia's judiciary is sučešfully performing.

Academy Director Nenad Vujic stated that training is one of the key conditions for high-quality staff in the justice system, together with an independent, unbiased and efficient judiciary.

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