Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kfor: We did not Use Excessive Force in Jarinje

KFOR on Sept. 29 rejected accusations that it had used
"excessive force" in the incident which took place at the Jarinje crossing on Sept. 27. "KFOR categorically rejects false accusations that it used excessive force against unarmed civilians. Statements which point to that scenario are irresponsible and misleading because KFOR was not the initiator or the party that intensified the conflict," reads a statement issued by KFOR main command.

The NATO mission said that it would continue supporting EULEX in carrying out its mandate around Kosovo and would remain unbiased when it came to protecting all people in Kosovo when necessary.

At least seven people were injured in the clash between KFOR and Serbs at the Jarinje crossing on Sept. 27. Serbs spotted that KFOR shot at unarmed civilians, whereas KFOR states that it only responded to an attack. Serbs also say that KFOR used live ammunition and that seven people were injured, whereas KFOR states that a homemade bomb was thrown at its soldiers, injuring four of them.

KFOR rejected accusations that its representatives tried to obstruct the investigation following the incident at the Jarinje administrative crossing and take evidence which was collected there. KFOR spokesperson Kai Gudenoge told BETA that the Kosovo Police and EULEX were responsible for the investigation and that KFOR would support them, like it has so far.

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