Friday, October 14, 2011

KFOR requests removal of northern Kosovo blocks

PRISTINA - KFOR called on local citizens to remove roadblocks in northern Kosovo, the NATO mission in the province released.

KFOR Commander Major General Erhard Drevs said that northern Kosovo citizens have been given a chance to remove barricades during the weekend, the release states.

Acting on the behalf of the KFOR commander, the head of the joint regional detachment North attended the meeting with representatives of four municipalities as regards removal of roadblocks in northern Kosovo.

According to the KFOR release, the KFOR official informed representatives of the northern Kosovo local self-governments that roadblocks affected KFOR operations and constitute a challenge in meeting the mission's logistic needs.

He explained that soldiers at northern Kosovo gates need supplies in order to be able to perform their tasks adequately.

We are giving a chance to the local population to remove roadblocks during the weekend and thus make room for freedom of movement, Drevs said commenting on the outcome of the meeting.

KFOR establishes control over alternative road

KFOR units set up early Thursday a checkpoint on the new alternative road near the village of Cirkovici, leading across Jarinje to the main road towards Raska (central Serbia).

KFOR occasionally controls vans, and passenger vehicles are allowed to pass through without stopping.

The alternative road was expanded after the incident which occurred at the administrative crossing late September.

Members of KFOR this morning checked on the barricade Serbs had put up at the bridge on the road leading to Jarinje administrative crossing.

They conferred with citizens at the barricade and tried to convince them to remove the obstacle made of gravel and earth.

The citizens refused, after which KFOR soldiers went back to their base near the Jarinje checkpoint.

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