Friday, October 28, 2011

KFOR removes barricade at Brnjak

BRNJAK - KFOR soldiers removed early on Friday morning the barricades set by Serbs at the entrance to the Brnjak administrative crossing from the direction of Ribarici.

As Tanjug learned, the operation was carried out a little after 3 am, when KFOR removed several trucks.

One truck was pushed to the abyss towards the Gazivode Lake, the second one was pulled away to the very
Brnjak crossing, which is still closed and controlled by soldiers, whereas the third one was pushed aside.

As the local Serbs who witnessed the operation told Tanjug, the operation was carried out speedily, and with participation of a large number of KFOR troops.

In the previous days, KFOR have taken over all the barricades that prevented traffic from the direction of Zubin potok municipality, and now removed the last barricade from the direction of Central Serbia.

The traffic is still diverted to the alternative road above the Brnjak crossing, at which the control is performed by German and French KFOR contingent.

After removing the trucks, KFOR laid a barbed wire on the road.

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