Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jarinje administrative crossing opens

Jarinje administrative crossing opened for passenger traffic on Saturday.

EULEX and KFOR removed the barbed wire that had been blocking the crossing ever since September 14.

The crossing is protected by KFOR soldiers in full military gear deployed at several positions, while EULEX is in charge of security on the inside of the administrative line.

In addition to the EULEX police, EULEX customs officers are also deployed on the crossing.

EULEX police officials told Tanjug that one car and several individuals crossed the administrative line at this point on Saturday.

KFOR members expanded the safety zone around Jarinje on Friday afternoon. KFOR's heavy machinery made a passage wide enough for cars in the block Serbs built on the road toward the crossing.

As far as KFOR and EULEX are concerned, the passage is open for passenger traffic, but Serbs posed a new block made of gravel and soil on the Leposavic-Jarinje road, thus disabling further traffic.

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