Sunday, October 9, 2011

Continuing dialogue possible on October 14

PRISTINA - Head of the Pristina delegation in the dialogue with Belgrade Edita Tahiri said that Brussels has proposed that the next round of talks be held on October 14, but that Pristina would decide about it after meeting with EU mediator Robert Cooper, and after it is confirmed that the next round of dialogue would focus only on technical issues.

Tahiri told Pristina media that the Serbian side has set starting talks on political issues as a condition for reopening the dialogue.

The dialogue has just ended precisely because Serbia insisted on discussion of political issues, and that is the issue of customs checkpoints, she said.

The position of Kosovo's institutions on this issue is clear, that there would be no talks on political issues, Tahiri said.

She confirmed that a meeting with Cooper would be held Monday in Pristina, adding that she would then be briefed on the position of Belgrade on continuing the dialogue.

Pristina wants the talks to focus on implementation of agreements reached to continue talks on energy, telecommunications, and regional cooperation, she said.

Head of the Serbian delegation in the dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic said after meeting with European mediator Robert Cooper that the dialogue will be resumed after solving the issue of crossings under the control of KFOR in the north , where of members of the Kosovo Police and Customs have been stationed since September 16.

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