Sunday, October 2, 2011

Concrete barricade set up on Ibar River

Night passed peacefully in northern Kosovo-Metohija and was marked by concreting of an additionally reinforced barricade on the bridge over the Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Citizens spent another night keeping the barricades set up in front of administrative crossings Jarinje and Brnjak and blocks on northern Kosovo roads.

KFOR and EULEX shut down Jarinje administrative crossing during the night after Serbs set up a new barricade, thus obstructing traffic completely on the access road from central Serbia as well.

For the first time since the breakout of crisis on Jarinje on the occasion of deployment of Kosovo customs officers and police on the administrative line, a barricade was put up outside of Kosovo, on the access road from central Serbia, thus completely surrounding Jarinje, just like in the case of Brnjak earlier on.

KFOR and EULEX, which closed the crossing late on Saturday, opened it again for passenger traffic early on Sunday and removed the barbed wire that was preventing access to the crossing during the night.

EULEX officials told Tanjug that the crossing is closed 7 p.m. and opened again at 7 a.m.

EULEX officials and Kosovo customs officers performing their duties on Jarinje are daily taken to the crossing by helicopters.

Commenting on the Saturday shutdown of Jarinje crossing, Leposavic municipal president Branko Ninic stated that this is KFOR's another attempt of manipulation and deceiving the public so that they could conceal the violence and use of firearms against unarmed people a few days ago.

Barricades are still standing on the road and citizens are determined to fight by peaceful means to have officers of the so-called Kosovo customs service removed from Brnjak and Jarinje, he said.

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