Tuesday, October 4, 2011

17 people arrested for fraud

Former director of the Kolubara Mining Basin Dragan Tomic and 16 others suspected of fraudulent practices in that company have been arrested Monday, Tanjug learned from at least two sources.

Tomic was arrested at the border with Macedonia. The suspects, including Dragan Savatijevic who has been under house arrest since June, are charged with the fraudulent handling and embezzlement of a total of EUR 12 million.

The police already interrogated Tomic on February 11 under a warrant issued by the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime as part of the pre-trial proceedings. Tomic is suspected of the abuse of office in connection with the fraudulent handling of funds in the Kolubara Mining Basin in the Belgrade municipality of Lazarevac.

During the pre-trial proceedings in the Kolubara case, the police took testimonies from around 100 people. The suspects are being questioned in the presence of the prosecutor.

Tomic was director of the Kolubara Mining Basin from 2004- 2008, and now is an advisor for technical matters at the Directorate for Strategy and Investments of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.

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